GIVEAWAY || Hockey is coming…


Greetings my fellow hockey fans! In anticipation of the upcoming NHL season I will be giving away a gift pack to one of my amazing followers. It will be customised to the winner based on whichever active NHL team they choose. What does this mean? Well….

Are you a Canucks fan?


A very smart and awesome person Habs fan?


Or maybe a Blues fan?


Hell, even if you’re a fan of the enemy?


You win, you tell me what team you like, and I will put together a little hockey team survival kit for you! Communication will be open of course in case there are items you already have, things you wouldn’t want, or sizing requirements (these images are just rough ideas of what you can expect).

Let me give you a run down of the rules:

  1. This post much reach at least 500 notes in order for me to go ahead with the giveaway. If it doesn’t this never happened. Move along. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Etc.
  2. You have to be comfortable with giving me an address to ship the items to.
  3. If I can mail you a box, you can enter; therefore no restrictions for location.
  4. You must be following me (imneverbackcheck
  5. Reblog as much as you like, one reblog = one entry
  6. I’ll give you two bonus entries if you’re following my main blog (nvmthebollocks)
  7. When I select the winner PLEASE DON’T WORRY I know some of you follow from your main blog and your hockey blog is a side, I will check with the winner to make sure they are indeed following me even if I don’t see the URL in my follower list.
  8. If I can’t get in touch with the winner in 72 hours I will draw another name, sorry friend, you snooze you lose.

This will be open from now until the end of the season opening Habs vs Leafs game on Oct 8 2014. I will contact and announce the winner on Oct 9 2014.

Now go put on your lucky jersey, eat a grilled cheese sandwich, put on your left shoe first, or whatever else you do for good luck… Cheers!